Forschungsseminar Geometrische Analysis
Freie Universität Berlin - Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
Arnimallee 3 HH, SR 130 / 140
Sommersemester 2017, Mo 15 - 18 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Klaus Ecker (FU Berlin)

8.5.17: Friederike Dittberner

Singularity analysis for constrained curve flows I

15.8.17: Friederike Dittberner

Singularity analysis for constrained curve flows II

22.05.17: Stephen Lynch

Pinched ancient solutions of higher-codimension mean curvature flow

29.05.17: Theodora Bourni


12.06.17: Friederike Dittberner

Singularity analysis for constrained curve flows III

19.06.17: Vera Köbel

Embeddedness of compact surfaces with boundary in manifolds with negative curvature

26.06.17: Yann Bernard 

Ends of Immersed Minimal and Willmore Surfaces in Asymptotically Flat Spaces

Abstract: We study ends of immersed Willmore surfaces, which are critical points of the integral of the square of the mean curvature, in asymptotically flat spaces of any dimension. We give the precise asymptotic behavior of an end of such a surface with finite total curvature (i.e. with finite Willmore energy). Our results apply in particular to immersed minimal surfaces in spaces of any dimension that are asymptotically flat, and give new results about minimal surfaces in asymptotically flat space. Joint-work with Tristan Rivière.

03.07.17: Toti Daskalopoulos



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